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The social rehabilitation aims at improving social skills and finding opportunities to cope with everyday life. Social change and the current state of elderly people, chronic illnesses and people with disabilities in Kosovo and Russia require continuous training of rehabilitation staff. Indeed, the issue of social rehabilitation in Kosovo has been argued to remain inadequately as well as insufficiently tackled, although as a country which has only recently escaped from a devastating war (in 1999), it has a relatively long list of measures to undertake.

This is why, the Heimerer College like other partners from Kosovo, including the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani, and “Nena Naile” Bath, have joined the respective international Consortium, comprised of 14 relevant academic, professional (clinics and rehabilitation centers), and governmental organizations from Finland, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Russia with the aim of co-generating new reforms and knowledge in the area of social rehabilitation.

Correspondingly, the HC hosted the first workshop of this Project in Pristina, from 6th to 10th February. More than 34 international professors and experts in the field of social rehabilitation brought their rich experiences, with the objective of laying down the three-year-Action Plan of this Project. In particular, during this one-week event, the following topics were discussed:

  • Conditions for success in SOCRE – Project / Expectations and values of each partner
  • Guidelines for project administration
  • Partner Agreements
  • Principles of co-construction and collaboration
  • Project Group: Formation and planning and network coordination
  • Preparations for study visit to Helsinki in May 2017
  • Steering group: formation meeting
  • Evaluation team: formation meeting
  • Introductions to the 5 key concepts
  • Dissemination plan and reporting
  • Needs for the digital platform been used in the project
  • Communication in SOCRE

Moreover, this Project is designed in a way that it enables institutions-partners from those different countries to share their most successful practices in the area of social rehabilitation while combining the best relevant teaching, user-involvement, and community based social rehabilitation practices from the EU partners while taking into account the contextual factor prevailing in the non-EU partners such as Kosovo. The main target groups are Higher Education Institutions which provide education in rehabilitation sciences, teaching staff, professional staff and students providing rehabilitation services.