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Second event of the Socre project took place in Helsinki 29.5.-1,6.2017. Workshop in Helsinki moved the project from preparation phase to development phase. In Helsinki work baggage 2 got a good start. In wp 2 study circles in Kosovo and Russia are going to utilize the material from wp 1 for making material for teacher´s handbook. Also work for common understanding and co-creation of the shared frame for social rehabilitation and modern pedagogy continued from the Kick Off event in Kosovo.

Days in Helsinki with over 30 participants from Kosovo, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Finland included themes of Co-creation as a teacher´s competence, Teacher´s role in collaborative development in networks, Innovation pedagogy – pedagogical innovation, Collaborative planning of curriculum / course, Advisory board collaboration as a tool for development and strategy work and Advisory board work as an opportunity for co-creation. There were also a lot of workshop work and working with the study circles. The main goal for the workshop was to support study circles to have a detailed work plan so that they can accomplish their tasks for the wp. The main task for the study circles in Kosovo and Russia in wp 2 is to develop the teachers handbook for course planning and producing teaching material.

Four days of workshop were divided in themes. Themes for the days were: Project Management Day, Teacher Competence Day, Curriculum Day and Wrap up and workplan day. Digital platform and webpage for the project were also launched during the workshop. Webpage for the project is www.erasmussocre.eu

Beside the hard work we also had great times with dinners and city walks around the city of Helsinki. There was a good spirit among the partners throughout the workshop and a lots of smiling faces committed to work for the success of the Socre project.

Overall week was very intense and participants were pleased on the results of the workshop. The work on creating teacher´s handbook in Russia and Kosovo got a good start in Helsinki. Reflection on this work will be done in reflective seminar in Portugal in September 2017. Before the reflective seminar appointed EU-partners will pay a supportive tutor visit to study circles.