Tutor visits to Saint Petersburg and Archangelsk

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It´s was the main objective of this tutor visit to evaluate and monitor the process of developing the handbook and discuss the implementation on the courses (WP3). The tutors involved were Antonio Alves Lopes (ESSA, Portugal) and Stijn De Baets (Artevelde University College Ghent, Belgium).

The activities performed included discussion with the study circles, Seminar with heads and deputies of the rehab centers and primary care organisations in the Saint Petersburg area and Seminar for doctors and social workers “Social rehabilitation in Europe” mainly for explaining the principles of social rehabilitation and the SOCRE project.

The Tutors also did some site visits  like the center for rehabilitation of children with disabilities and the Center of Social rehabilitation “Rodnik” to have a broader view on the ‘context’ of the partners in Archangelsk and Saint Petersburg.