Tutor visit to Perm

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It´s was the main objective of this tutor visit to Piloting courses EQF levels 6 and 7, give feedback on the strategies for courses implementation and monitorization and support the development of the teacher´s network in order to further implement previously learnt methodologies in education. The tutors involved were Antonio Alves Lopes (ESSA, Portugal) and Tiago Príncipe (HANZE UA, Netherlands).

The activities performed included, piloting the courses “Rehabilitation of cognitive disorders”, EQF level 7 (Perm State Medical University ), course “Rehabilitation after Stroke”, topic of the class “Role of multidisciplinary team in rehabilitation of movement disorders”, EQF level 7 (doctors) (City Hospital), course “Rehabilitation after Stroke”, topic of the class “Movement disorders and the aspects of rehabilitation”, EQF level 6 (department of neurology, Perm regional clinical hospital), course “Rehabilitation after stroke”, topic of the class “Use of ICF in rehabilitation after stroke”, EQF level 7 (postgraduate students) (Clinical hospital for the veterans of war)  with feedback round with the teachers and meetings with the study circle for reflection and discussion.