SOCRE – Reflective seminar (Virtual)

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The virtual reflective seminar was organized in order to present the curriculum and study material of the planned CPD courses. The first day waswithin regional partners in each PA country facilitated by PR HEIs. The second day is common for all and facilitated by HG. During the seminars the prepared courses will be reflected upon and further developed for piloting.

There are two parallel educational objectives. The first is to promote user-involvement and multi-professional collaboration among partners. The second is learning different strategies to develop CPD-courses and study material on different educational levels. Specifying the competence according to EQF is an important part.

The five courses that were discussed:
1) User-Involvement and Multi-Professional Rehabilitation (EQF levels 5, 6 and 7; 3 courses),
2) Management Competence in Community Based Rehabilitation (EQF Level 7),
3) Competence in Effective Rehabilitation