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The aims and objectives of the project are based on the needs analysis done in seminars in Russia and Kosovo. The academic content consists of theories of good rehabilitation practice and participation oriented rehabilitation in the framework of ICF (WHO 2001). This framework enhances user-involvement and comprehensive multi-professional collaboration.

The academic content consists also of management in rehabilitation, where the theory and practice of the learning organization are utilized. In renewing the educational principles in the rehabilitation field in the PA HEIs, the competence levels of EQF will be replicated. A group of teachers, clinical specialists, and managers (30) will be equipped with the ability to participate in development work, to apply new collaborative approaches eg. co-configuration and to update the content of rehabilitation education on different levels.

The following Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses will be developed in collaboration between education and work life in WP2 and WP3: Developing 1) teaching competences in PAHEIs , 2) User-Involvement and multi-professional rehab. (EQF levels 5, 6 and 7; 3 courses, one in each level), 3) management competence in community Based Rehabilitation (EQF Level 7), and 4) competence effective social rehab. (EQF Level 7).

The main purpose is to enhance LLL and develop CPD courses for staff working in the rehabilitation field. Parts of the developed course contents, e.g. ideas of user-Involvement and effective rehabilitation may also be applied in the curricula and teaching in degree programmes in social and health care.