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Artevelde University college Ghent, as member of the Association Ghent, is the second largest University College in Flanders with almost 14 000 students and 1100 staff members and offers 14 professional Bachelor programs within the areas of health care, teacher training, social work, business studies and graphic and digital media, 1 academic Bachelor, 5 advanced Bachelor degrees, 3 Masters Degrees and 13 Postgraduate programs.

The health care departments have a special focus on interdisciplinary projects in health care and rehabilitation and are involved in different national and international projects. Together with Metropolia, Helsinki, Artevelde is a founding member of the European network COHEHRE (Consortium of Higher Education and Health Care in Rehabilitation) that aims to enhance interdisciplinary cooperation and has a leading role in this field.

For many years Artevelde University College  has been involved in developing training and in-service training in different countries and the organisation of Intensive Programmes with this specific focus (public health, child rehabilitation, social inclusion, innovative health care, use of IT within health care, early intervention, etc).

Artevelde developed an expertise and has developed in their curriculum various units in the field of revalidation, community based care,  adapted living, the use of ICT technology,, child rehabilitation and early intervention, expertise on degenerative diseases, palliative care and end-of-life care, etc.

Website link: www.arteveldehs.be